Affordable Mediations

"Affordable Mediations" by Mediator Jason Kelly

A structured package of mediation services designed to meet the needs of parties whose dispute is ripe for settlement but does not warrant the high costs often associated with a mediator.

Mediation is an increasingly popular and effective way to resolve disputes without the cost and uncertainty of a trial or arbitration, and the Civil Rules now require either a private mediation or a judicial settlement conference before giving the parties a trial.

Unfortunately for many litigants, mediation comes only in the form of a free settlement conference before a judge pro tem, or a costly open-ended mediation process. Neither format meets the needs of underserved parties whose matter requires more than what they can get for free but does not warrant the cost of a traditional private mediation.

To satisfy the demand for mediation services that fill the “mediation gap,” Schneider & Onofry litigation attorney and mediator Jason Kelly offers his Affordable Mediations program to litigating parties and their lawyers.
Predictable and Economical Mediation Services
For an affordable fixed fee of $1,500, Affordable Mediations provides:
  • A half-day mediation session (8:30 to 12:00, or 1:30 to 5:00)
  • Memoranda review and all necessary mediation preparation (mediation memoranda limited to 12 pages, not counting exhibits)
  • Rule 80(d) settlement agreement
These parameters promote reasonable expectations for the parties, the insurance carriers, and their counsel, while providing a built-in “self-selection” mechanism.

Litigation attorneys who encounter a case that merits a capable mediator but does not warrant high mediation fees will find real value in Affordable Mediations.

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